Direct Free Cooling

Reduce chillers usage

  • Ultra energy efficient.
  • Excellent system scalability.
  • Reduce up to 70% datacenter energy consumption.
  • Ideal where cross contamination is not a concern.
  • Traditional and modular datacenters.


Direct Free Cooling Modules are a cooling solutions able to leverage outdoor fresh air by driving it from the outside to the inside of the data center. Direct Free Cooling generates significant savings since in certain locations data centers operators can take full advantage of free cooling for several hours of the day without the need of expensive mechanical cooling. Indeed the back-up cooling support embedded into DFC Modules is activated only when ASHRAE recommended temperature levels cannot be met and specifically beyond 27°C/80.6F external dry bulb temperature.


Phase 1
External Temperature < 18ºC/64.4F. The dampers of DFC Modules mix the outside fresh air with the hot air coming from the datacenter to achieve thecorrect supply conditions. The outside air is filtered before entering the IT area. Filtering is performed accordingto site conditions and the level of security required and part of the air coming from the datacenter is exhausted towards the outside with intake air pressure given by the fan. Variable speed fans together with dampers match the airflow needed to cool the datacenter to the temperature required. 
Phase 2
18ºC/64.4F < External Temperature < 27ºC/80.6F. The outdoor air is blown into the cold corridor and no outside air is mixed with the hot air coming from the
datacenter. The whole of the hot air coming from the servers is exhausted towards the outside with intake air pressure given by the fan. Variable speed fans match the airflow needed to cool the datacenter to the temperature required. The maximum external temperature allowed inside the cold corridor varies upon design conditions and compliance with ASHRAE limits.
Phase 3
External Temperature > 27ºC/80.6F No free cooling is available, hence the mechanical support cooling system is in use. The system recirculates the air from the hot to the cold corridor and cools down the servers to the desired temperature and upon design conditions.Two cooling systems are available: Chilled water (CW) or Direct expansion (DX). Variable speed fans match the airflow needed to cool the datacenter to the temperature required.


DFC Modules are available in 50kw individual modules. This scalable approach enables the customer to purchase only the cooling capacity needed to meet current requirements. Additional DFC units can be added as the data center load grows and installed in a “live environment” without disruption to the service.